Vision & Missions



- Researching theoretical and practical issues of social sciences in Central Viet Nam;

- Providing scientific arguments for strategic planning, making plans and policies for regional sustainable development; consulting about development policies;

- Participating in undergraduate and postgraduate training as well as developing human resources in social sciences.



- To research theoretical and practical issues of social sciences in the Central; contributing to clarifying basic issues of regional sustainable development in the Central;

- To combine studying with training a team of professional researchers in regional social sciences; to participate in undergraduate and postgraduate training, contributing to developing qualified human resources as required by VASS and other institutions inside and outside the country;

- To offer suggestions and criticize projects on important socio-economic development as required by ministries, departments and localities and

as assigned by VASS;

- To provide scientific consultancy and supply public services on development issues in accordance with its functions and tasks;

- To cooperate with foreign institutions in research and training in agreement with current regulations;

- To perform contracts of scientific projects and applications with scientific institutions, scientists at home and abroad in accordance with the laws and VASS’s regulations;

- To exchange information with other institutions in and outside Viet Nam pursuant to current regulations; to manage ISSCR’s documents  and library; to publish scientific publications; to publicize results of scientific research and spread out science knowledge;

- To manage operation of ISSCR’s centers and divisions; arrange officials by their professional titles, positions and required number of them in ISSCR; to take control its properties and budget as regulated by the State as well as decentralized by VASS;

- To perform other tasks as assigned by VASS’s President.

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